ConvertiBARS: Hyosung Fully Adjustable Clipons

Hyosung owners now finally have an outlet for all their control adjustment needs. Whether you have a GT650, GT650R or are building a Hyosung custom cruiser, ConvertiBARS has you covered. ConvertiBARS is now producing fully adjustable Hyosung 51mm clipons and working with Borne Freestyle to develop more top-notch functional products for multiple Hyosung applications; this is a fantastic option for any Hyosung owner.

ConvertiBARS are the first handlebar system that allows the rider to fully customize their riding position in less time than it takes to fill the fuel tank. More than just your average adjustable risers or clip-ons, ConvertiBARS are a positionable handlebar system with the flexibility of countless setup combinations. Constructed of top-quality components, you can rest assured that these handlebars are a safe, tested alternative to your stock hardware. When properly installed, positioned, and tightened, ConvertiBars will not move under even the most extreme riding conditions. The clamp inserts are engineered to yield repeatable, extreme clamping forces that are strong and reliable enough to handle daily adjustments for changing environment terrain. To say it simple, ConvertiBARS are for every rider and every style of riding.

Aggressive riders need to have their weight forward and body leaned to allow for rapid acceleration – the kind of riding position that goes great with an 8 or 4 degree downward bar angle. Touring riders typically prefer some forward lean to counteract the extra wind at highway speeds, so installing ConvertiBARS with a zero-degree down angle is best. Commuters, going low to midrange speeds, are usually most comfortable sitting upright; a zero or negative handlebar down angle will accommodate this well.

Features and Benefits:
-Lightweight, high-strength aluminum handlebars and clamps
-High-strength steel inserts in clamps
-Clamp and handlebar can be positioned independently of one another
-Six dimensions of convertibility, allowing radical changes in riding position
-Offset indexed-collet handlebar designs feel as solid as a one-piece handlebar
-Collet can be repositioned to modify downward angle
-16 degrees of down-angle adjustability in 4-degree increments
-Dramatically reduces vibration
-Kits are sized to the fork diameter at the triple clamp
-Possible Angles: -8o / -4o / 0o / 4o / 8o

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How They Work

We at Borne Freestyle are happy to be working with ConvertiBARS and are excited about a long lasting relationship of product development. We look forward to experiencing all the benefits that ConvertiBARS has to offer for the motorcycle industry. More product installation results and ride reviews soon to come; please stay tuned!

ConvertiBARS…Serious adjustability!!