Righteous Stuntmetal: RSC Shorty EZ Pull Clutch

Test Rider: Josh Borne
Photography: Josh Borne
Company: Righteous Stunt Metal
Product: RSC E-Z Pull Clutch Perch, Shorty Lever
Retail Price: $80.00 to $110.00
Test Bike: 2003 Kawasaki ZX6rr (636); Modified Full Fairing set up

  • Front Forks: 2005 Kawasaki ZX6r (636)
  • Upper Triple: Stock, flipped and cut down
  • Handbrake: Magura 16mm
  • Clutch Perch: RSC EZ-pull clutch
  • Front Brake Master: 2003 stock Kawasaki ZX6rr master cylinder
  • Extra: HEL steel braided brake lines, stock clutch and throttle cables

Easier Pull than stock (obviously)
Easier Pull than MSR raptor and ASV EZ-pull
Broken many in-line easy pulls
Made of billet aluminum instead of cast
Larger barrel adjuster compared to MSR
Offered in multiple finishes and textures including anodized and polished “bling edition”
Offered with short and long levers to fit riders feel and clutch placement
Bead blasted anodized finish helps with longevity and durability
Offered in Ultimate and Basic versions; one with delrin bushing and other with needle bearing

……soon to come.