Sick Innovations; Side Mount 7 Degree Clipons

Sick Innovations 

Test Rider: Josh Borne
Photography:; Josh Borne
Company: Sick Innovations
Product: 50mm Sick Innovation Side Mount Clip-ons, 7 Degree Sweep
Retail Price: $159.99
Test Bike: 2003 Kawasaki ZX6rr (636); Modified Full Fairing set up

  • Front Forks: 2005 Kawasaki ZX6r (636)
  • Upper Triple: Stock, flipped and cut down
  • Handbrake: Brembo 16×18 with folding lever
  • Clutch Perch: MSR EZ-pull clutch
  • Front Brake Master: 2003 stock Kawasaki ZX6rr master cylinder
  • Extra: Stock brake lines, stock clutch and throttle cables

It has been about a month and a half since we added the new Kawasaki to the Borne Freestyle family and I have gotten about a good solid month of training on it with the Sick Innovations clip-ons. Previously, I had a Honda F4i with 929 front end and stock Kawasaki clip-ons flipped, so I feel I can give a good comparison between stock flipped 636 clip-ons and these new SI side mount clip-ons.

SI Clip on leftSI Clip on right

At first, I initially tried out the front mount clip-ons and decided against them considering the clearance issue with the upper fairing. I thought having the front mounts would be better for pull throughs given the extra spacing. After riding on them for a few weeks now, I am happy I went with the side mounts. I have been able to keep the full fairing look and combo pull throughs are just as easy as if I had the stock Kawi clip-ons flipped….if not more so. I went with the 7-degree sweep because I was trying to keep the feel as close to stock (flipped) as possible, plus I simply like the rise rather than the flat feel. I also positioned the new SI clip-ons on top of the flipped triple because that is about as close as I could get to my old riding position.


The stock front rubber brake line still works, as well as the clutch and throttle cables. I routed my handbrake line and throttle cables through the inside of the forks, underneath the lower triple. The clutch cable is fairly long, and I routed it all the way around the forks and back to the clutch cover. I did modify the upper by cutting it down to give a little more room to push the clip-ons out. I also adjusted the front brake master downward to clear the right side of the upper. The new cut out design on the lower area of the mount worked perfectly for this because it allowed for the banjo bolt and master to fit snugly into position. It also helped out on the left hand side for hand brake master placement.


During the first ride, it took a little bit to get used to. They seemed much wider than the Kawi clip-ons I was previously running. I thought about cutting the bars down and narrowing them up a bit, but decided against because I thought the wide stance would be optimal for stoppies once I became acclimated with the new set up. In hindsight, that is probably the best course of action. Now that I’m used to the wide stance, I have much more steering control for stoppies and a lot more leverage for pushing and pulling circles around. My sit-down circle game has skyrocketed in the last couple weeks and I have to say the addition of the clip-ons has helped.


The one and only downfall I have noticed with the wide stance of the SI Side Mounts is that while performing stand-up circles to the left, the right clip-on tends to catch my right hip. Makes no hands a little more difficult, but it is manageable.

One side note to be sure of….make sure to have a radial front brake master. My 2003 Kawi master worked great, but you will have problems with trying to use a master off an F4i, 929, or 954.

In my opinion, the Sick Innovations Side Mount Clip-ons are a fantastic upgrade for any freestyle machine. They definitely give an edge for stoppie and wheelie control. There are multiple options for rider comfort. Whether you are tall or short, prefer high dirt bike position or the low superbike feel, Sick Innovations has you covered.

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