Promotional Opportunities

There is no better time to have your company profit from extreme sport exposure. Streetbike Freestyle is one of the fastest growing extreme sports. Attendance has sky-rocketed at championships and exhibitions both nationally and worldwide. In addition to a growing fan base, the sport has successfully generated revenue for hundreds of sponsoring businesses.

Josh Borne is one of the most respected and world-known Freestyle Champions. With nearly a decade of experience, this pro-athlete can help your organization break into this intriguing and profitable industry. A sponsorship with Josh Borne includes public exposure, media interests and unprecedented marketing opportunities.

How A Borne Freestyle Entertainment Sponsorship Benefits You:

  • Josh Borne created and operates his own business, Borne Freestyle Entertainment. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Kettering University and was a General Motors Engineer for almost a decade. He is well spoken and understands the importance of corporate professionalism.
  • Josh Borne is a licensed pro-athlete, known worldwide as a top freestyle rider in the industry. He has competed in the XDL National Championship series since 2006 and is involved with many other world and U.S. competitions.
  • Josh Borne has been featured on Discovery Channel’s Ultimate Car Build Off, SPEED Television’s Pink’s All Out, Stealth Rider and SuperBikes, Versus Channel’s Inside XDL, and has made appearances on ESPN and ESPN II over the last few years. Borne Freestyle offers sponsors promotional opportunities on syndicated television.
  • Josh Borne’s website ranges 25,000-30,000 hits monthly. Borne Freestyle gives sponsors multiple levels of website visibility.
  • Josh Borne’s extensive fan database offers sponsors countless exposure though e-blasts and electronic promotions.
  • Josh Borne is sponsored by major industry affiliates. Cross marketing opportunities between our sponsors is unmatched.

Sponsoring Josh Borne is beneficial not only for the short term of a single season, but also is an opportunity to test brands and broaden target market levels for new product development and future clientele. Through Borne Freestyle exhibitions, competitions and website publicity, benefactors not only reach out to several demographics, but also gain research and helpful intuitive marketing data.

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