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Josh Borne and Borne Freestyle Entertainment would love to hear what you have to say about the website, shows, videos, riding in general and any feedback or comments you may have regarding Borne Freestyle Entertainment and the streetbike freestyle industry as a whole. We greatly appreciate all your support; without fans like you, we would be nothing.



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-Samantha: Birmingham, AL

Thank you so much! The kids had a blast!

-Dolf: Cumming, GA

Josh – Thanks for a great show at the Ride For Kids event (#atlrfk14). The kids had a blast watching you perform!

-Christi: Dowagiac, MI

Thank you for a fabulous show, respect to our campus, and a positive message to all the admiring children watching. Thanks….Mom in Michigan

-Nate: Birmingham, AL

Josh is a fantastic rider! I greatly enjoyed watching him ride, and it was unique how he interacted with the crowd…especially the kids. At one point he slid up to a barrier and let one of the children twist the throttle on his bike and rev it up. It was a small thing, but I’m sure it made that kids day. If you get the chance to see Josh ride, take it. Its a great show!

-John & Jamie: Cumming, GA

Josh is an amazing stunt rider and a great idol to everyone in the sport – new or old. He is even better in person; one that does not have that snooty “I’m famous” attitude. He remembers where he started from and isn’t afraid to show it. I love the fact he’s not afraid to be different than everyone else. Can’t wait till the next show! Above all, PJ you are a great woman to keep patching him up so he can stunt like no tomorrow and putting up with all the headaches and BS from touring and everything else you do. So thanks PJ, if it weren’t for you and everything you do, Josh may not be where he is today so you get credit with everyone that idolizes josh too.

-Albert: Birmingham, AL

Good to meet you Saturday and enjoyed the show! Might I also say great announcer, cute, well spoken and stands there without flinching! Y’all make a great team.

-Karen: Alpharetta, GA

Nice to see someone who is idolized by their fans take time out to give them just a few minutes of your time. Very commendable and respectable!!

-Douglas: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

You are a great rider!!

-Bobby: Daytona Beach, FL

Josh, Really great having you in town for bike week. We always look forward to seeing you and PJ and can’t wait to do it again!

-Tyson: Gardendale, AL

Thanks to Josh Borne for supporting Big #1 Motorsports here in Birmingham. Look for Josh coming to your town and enjoy his amazing shows!!!!

-Carla: Decatur, IN

Great spot on the news tonight!! Can’t wait to see you Sunday.

-Jaeden: Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Hey Josh, I also have a Hyosung GT650r in Australia. Do you have any tips to do a wheelie on it? Thanks!

-Kenny: Larose, LA

This is one amazing guy with an amazing lil P.J. Smith. It was an honor to meet y’all and to hang out together and play on the track and have lots of fun together. Hope to do it again soon.

-Reggie: Yazoo City, MS

You performed in Mississippi a few years ago for my peeps. It was off the chain!!!

-Pazzo: Boston, MA

Man you one awesome rider josh. My father has a Hyosung GT650 and after seeing what you do I joke around telling him nothing is stopping him now from doing wheelies, josh does it.

-Robert: Tell City, IN

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for coming to Tell City and rocking and ripping the streets up!!!!! That was one bad ass show and thanks again.

-Desirae: Spokane, WA

You killed it today! Keep up the good work.

-Michael: Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Josh, I just saw you on TV in South Africa on Speed. Keep up the good work!

-Dave: Redondo Beach, CA

It goes to show that skills are based on the rider, not the bike. With that said, I have a whole new respect for Hyosung.

-Misty: Adairsville, GA

Enjoyed meeting you all and enjoyed the show. Thank you & hope too see you again when y’all come back through.

-Jimmy: Rome, GA

Josh you put on the best show we have seen in a while. We enjoyed every exciting minute of it. I was just amazed, loved it. Thank you again and we hope to have you back again this fall.

-Denise: Decatur, IN

Josh, thank you for making my grand daughter’s day!! She met you a couple years ago and we took her picture with you at the Mayor’s Ride event and she bubbled for days!! Thank you again for making her have an awesome day!

-Kari: Leesburg, IN

Drove…well, sped like crazy for 2 hours after work to watch you ride Sunday. Was well worth it! Amazing job as always!!

-Terry: Memphis, TN

I’m in Memphis, TN and trying to get the Hyosung name out with the streets so riders know it can be a contender with the other major brands. Right now its not popular, but you are definitely changing that. Thanks again!

-Brad: Muncie, IN

You are one of the BEST in the business and i would be HONORED to meet you in person, before the Ride for the Red in Auburn, IN. I am the president of Chapter 2 of The Freedom Rider’s and we are VERY BIG SUPPORTERS of what you are doing and Stunt Riding as a whole.

-Leo: Birmingham, AL

If you missed the stunt show with Josh Borne at Big #1 Motorsports, then you missed a superhero on a motorcycle!

-Ross: Larose, LA

Your show was Great! Watching you ride with the Chrome Kreepers is what made the Great Southern Rally for me…I hope to see you next year!!! Best of luck with the XDL!

-Del Alexander: Oxford, Michigan

It was a pleasure meeting you and your team at DETROIT BIKE WEEK. May GOD BLESS you through your stunt riding.

-Albert: Cherkessk, Russia

Josh you’re cool! You are famous in Russia!

-Charles Twardowski: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

You’re a role model to me bro! I’m a big fan.

-Alex: Denver, CO

I want to buy parts like the swing arm extensions and brake caliper upgrade kit. You are the greatest inspiration to me as a Hyosung owner and you are showing the big 4 that the right rider makes the difference…I wish they could see you make them look bad for all us Hyosung owners! One of your devoted fans, Alex.

-Robert: Romeo, Michigan

…loved the show, see you next year?

-Drew: Greenfield, Indiana

Josh i got to say your the best guys i know you gave us a helmet of yours you did a awesome stunt show in Indy and i want to be like you someday.

-Jason: Newnan, Georgia

Josh, you are amazing on that Hyosung! I didn’t know you could do that kind of stuff on those bikes. I would definitely think about buying one after seeing you ride. You are a super cool guy and a great representative for the sport and Hyosung.

-Judi: Cumming, Georgia

Josh is a very impressive and talented rider! We love to watch him, and everyone holding their breath while he does a show! At first seeing the Hyosung bike he was riding, it was foreign to me. After watching what he is able to do with it, and the way in which he is so open to educating us about it, it is definitely a bike that I would consider for my son who wants to get into freestyle riding as well!

-Nick: Newnan, Georgia

Josh is an incredible athlete and even better stunt rider.He’s excelled in the sport quickly and carries a special type of character and professional demeanor that makes him not only a great rider but a great person as well.He makes riding one of the heaviest bikes in the sport look easy with an aggressive arsenal of tricks and style to match. Keep up the great riding Josh you deserve to go far.

-Dick: Augusta, Georgia

Josh performed at our 1st annual Gordon Chevrolet/Souther Cruiser’s Bike and Car Show. This was a benefit for the St.Judes Childrens Hospital and the Augusta Warrior Project. The weather was horrible, but the day turned out spectacular. Josh was so pleasant to work with, stayed in constant contact, and truly rocked the house with his perfomances. It was truly a pleasure working with him, and having him here at our event. Thanks again Josh.

-Ikaika: El Paso, Texas

Hi Josh, my names Ikaika. I am in the army and am just getting into freestyle stunt riding. I got a Hyosung GT650r and was wondering what advice you would have on sprockets (tooth count front and back) and manufacturer of them. I also use it to go to work, so I did not know how big to go on the rear. Any info would help, thanks and keep up the great work. You are a huge inspiration and rock star to all us Hyosung riders!

-Eddie: Sylvan Lake, Michigan

It was Great to meet you today at Motor City Power Sports. Thanks for a Great Show!!

-Paul: Detroit, Michigan


-Stacy: Cleveland, Texas

Hey jsut wanted to drop by and say thanks for the awesome show saturday. That was the first time I have ever saw a bike show like that. My son had a blast also. Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing!!

-Ryan: Woodstock, Georgia

Just saw your show at Cycle Nation in Canton Georgia, awesome. I look forward to furture shows when the weather is better. Thank you for taking the time to interact with my boys after the show, it meant a lot. Keep up the great work. Web site is great. I like the verse you chose!

-Brian: Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta

May God bless you, and protect you from injury. Based on what I saw on your videos, I just purchased a 2011 IRT 650, Italika labeled Hyosung. Now I am wondering where you got your side crash bars, fairing protectors?? Thanks.

-Joshua: Dickinson, North Dakota

First off, thanks for riding Hyosung man! I owned a 07 Hyosung GT650S and am in the process of buying a new Hyosung to set up for freestyle stunt riding. I have been having trouble finding crash bars and 12 o’clock bars. Could you send me an email with what you use and how you setup your bikes? It would be a big help. Thanks and keep up the good work.

-Matt: Atlanta, Georgia

We saw you at the WERA finals at Road Atlanta. Awesome! The best were the stoppies right up to the crowd! I don’t think anyone managed to hold their ground…I know I didn’t!

-Pepe: Kalamazoo, Michign

Just wanted to thank you for stopping in and for the opportunity to book a show with you this spring! It was an honor to meet you and I appreciate the autograph! Thank you from all of us for what you do in the industry, and for helping make stuntriding the next biggest sport!

-JT: Livonia, Michigan

That was the best stunt show I had ever seen. I know that everyone that visited American Harley was blown away with your style. Best of luck JT!

-Dee: Westland, Michigan

Hey Josh, I just wanted to thank you again for taking time to answer a few of my questions about the sport and your bike. I’m truly interested about getting into the sport myself! I bought a couple of DVD’s a few years ago of guys doing the sportbike stunts and it fueled me to try to do wheelies. I’ve watched them so much that I can see what’s being done, but just no idea how to make it work. So with that being said, I hope that whenever you’re in town and you have a moment that you can share some of your extreme knowledge of the sport with a rookie such as myself. THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING A COOL DUDE!

-Chubbz: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Borne!! Your website looks great! Looks like you are doing well for your self down there in Atlanta! Glad to see you doing so well! Keep it going man!

-Angela: Decatur, Indiana

Great job at the Day of Fire Bike Blessing!!!! So awesome!! Thank you!

-Dick: Decatur, Indiana

I am so proud of both of you. Your web site, your hard work and professionalism is amazing. I am sure God will reword both of you for your faith & commitment!!!!

-Craig: Decatur, Indiana

What’s up josh? Caught your web site…..looking great!

-Marcio: Zurich, Switzerland

I wanted to say that the site has become very well, has a good overview of everything….just a cool site, good work! Wish you much success in the future.

-Chelsea: Atlanta, Georgia

Just wanted to say your freestyle today at the Spaghetti Junction Car Show was awesome! I had never seen tricks on a bike like that so up close and personal before. I loved how you would go right up to her and she would tap your helmet! That was crazy you guys are so rad! Thanks for putting on a great show and taking pics with us!

-Big B: Inland Empire, California

It’s really amazing to see how fast this sport is growing. Can’t wait to see the “Ultimate Car Buildoff” Series on the Discovery Channel that you were involved with. Keep it on one wheel! 🙂

-Jim: Ossian, Indiana

That was your best show yet! You did things I had not seen you do before. Fantastic show.

-Kris: Daytona Beach, Florida

The Professional attitude that Josh presents on and off his stunt bike make it a great choice for Naarden Sportbike Store to support BorneFreestyle anyway we can. His shows are packed with excitement and style not often seen in the industry and makes us proud to be associated with his riding career and him as a person. A lot of respect goes to Josh and company. We look forward to giving many more years of continued support.